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Author (not quite in alphabetical order - use your browser's Find command) Title (links to book description at Amazon)
Piers AnthonyExecutive (Bio of a Space Tyrant, Vol 4)
Isaac AsimovNemesis
Stephen BaxterManifold: Origin
Gregory BenfordAcross the Sea of Suns
David DrakeLord of the Isles
Jude FisherWild Magic (Fool's Gold, Book 2)
Frank Herbert, Brian HerbertMan of Two Worlds
James P. HoganGiant's Star
Charles IngridCelestial Hit List (Sand Wars)
James KahnStar Wars, Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
Eric Kotani, John Maddox RobertsAct of God
Richard A. LupoffPhilip Jose Farmer's The Dungeon, Vol. 1: The Black Tower
Anne McCaffreyThe Ship Who Sang
Dennis MccartyWarriors of Thlassa Mey
Chris MoriartySpin State
PournelleHigh Justice
Charles SheffieldThe Cyborg From Earth (Jupiter)
Timothy ZahnCobra

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