For the benefit of those who don't have the programming hardware needed to do it themselves, I am offering the preprogrammed chip needed for my Pixecutor hack. The price is USD $1 per chip, plus $2 per order (higher outside USA) to cover packaging and postage. (Note that the wiki site linked above has somehow been reverted to an older version, predating my upload of the Pixecutor info. For now, see here instead.)

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Sorry, but I've run out of blank chips, and they can only reasonably be purchased in a quantity far greater than the number I expect I could ever sell at this point. Feel free to contact me if you would be interested in a bulk purchase (25 minimum), but for any smaller quantity I'm afraid you're out of luck.

Ready to order? $1 per chip, plus shipping.

USA ($2 shipping): Sales tax (OK only): $
Canada/Mexico ($2.50 shipping):
UK ($3 shipping, est. 4-7 day delivery):

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